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Hawaii Island Nominated for Blue Zone Project

What is a Blue Zone?

Blue Zones are regions of the world where people live much longer than average.  The people inhabiting Blue Zones share common lifestyle characteristics that contribute to their longevity.


  • Family – put ahead of other concerns
  • Less smoking
  • Semi-vegetarianism – the majority of food consumed is derived from plants
  • Constant moderate physical activity – an inseparable part of life
  • Social engagement – people of all ages are socially active and integrated into their communities
  • Legumes – commonly consumed

Blue Zone Project


What is the Blue Zone Project?

Since 2009, Blue Zone Project has partnered with communities to help make healthier changes so that people can enjoy a longer, healthier and happier life & reduce obesity rates, smoking & chronic diseases.  Blue Zone Project Communities work with grocery stores, restaurants, and workplaces to offer healthy, good tasting foods. They offer programs at schools that help children learn to make healthy decisions. They also work with city officials to develop better parks and travel systems.


Map of Blue Zone Projects


In 2017, 5 towns on the Hawaiian Islands have been nominated for the BLUE ZONE PROJECT. These include Kapolei, Manoa, Wahiawa, Wailuku, and West Hawaii on Hawaii Island. Hawaii has entered the Blue Zone Project with the help of HMSA & is fighting to become a blue Zone environment.


Watch Blue Zone Project Update Video Below


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